Semora, North Carolina  (77 acres)
Manlandia is located within 15 minute drive from VIR HOME BASE and consists of 77 acres of variable terrains, heavily wooded and clearings, natural creeks and water crossings, best suited for survival, land navigation, objective clearing and tactical mobility using off-road vehicle platforms.


Outback ATV Park

 Laurinburg, North Carolina (600+ acres)
Located a short distance from Fort Bragg, NC, this 600 acre facility has multiple ATV, UTV, Motocross and off-road truck trails and tracks used for basic, intermediate and advanced unimproved and off-road trainings.  Terrains include sand, mud, dirt, hard-pack, gravel, wooded and variable elevation training.


Danville, VA Airport

Danville, VA
Regional FAA airport with multiple hangars, runways, taxiways and helicopter landing pads.  Active and approved for airfield seizures, quick action training, tactical mobility training and multiple operation component training.  Located within 15 minute drive from RFH Tactical’s VIR headquarters.



Boulder City, Nevada
Desert environment with multifaceted capabilities and extremely convenient logistically.  Located just outside of Las Vegas, NV, our Vegas training location facilitates a wide range of training requirements; firearms ranges, explosives approval, helo and skydiving operations, high and low speed mobility both on and off-road in addition to variable terrain, high-speed desert training routes up to 200 miles in length.



Union Point, GA (6,000 acres)
Durhamtown is best for ATV, UTV, Dirtbikes and Off-Road Vehicles, with multiple courses equipped for facilitating top speeds upwards of 80mph in the natural terrain settings of the American Southeast.  Trails range from basic, novice and advanced, up to 150 miles of one-way trails and shorter courses too.  Durhamtown also has long-range and skeet shooting ranges on site for incorporation of weapons handling techniques across multiple mobility platforms.


Ocotillo Wells

Borrego Springs, CA (85,000 acres)
More than 85,000 acres of desert are for off-highway exploration and recreation for ATVs, UTVs, 4x4 vehicles and military vehicles.  Ideal for replicating desert settings around the world, Ocotillo Wells has existing, man-made and natural settings that test even the most skilled mobility expert.



Region Near Beech Creek, PA;


Pueblo, CO (near 10th SFG);

Global One

UT (near 20th SFG)