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Alton, VA

Virginia International Raceway (VIR)

R.F.H. Tactical Mobility in cooperation with Virginia International Raceway, holds current permits and insurance coverage to support all legal conduct of training at our facilities.

VIR has zero day/night/weekend noise related restriction for unsuppressed live fire, explosive detonation of special effects charges in relation to all phases of the designed syllabus of our course of instruction.  

Fine dining and Pub at VIR
Fine dining and Pub at VIR

Fine dining and Connies Pub at VIR track, home of Racing for Heroes and RFH Tactical Mobility

VIR Pub- Memorable food and Drink
VIR Pub- Memorable food and Drink

Drink at Connies Pub in VIR. home of Racing for Heroes and RFH Tactical Mobility. Racing Memorabilia

Rooms at VIR
Rooms at VIR

Fine dining and Pub at VIR
Fine dining and Pub at VIR

Fine dining and Connies Pub at VIR track, home of Racing for Heroes and RFH Tactical Mobility


Lodging and Dining ​

VIR resort provides a memorable lodging and dining experience for our guests.

Over 45 rooms in total are available for booking with our special rates at the Lodge, Villas and Pit Row.   

Event facilities can provide seating and service for hundreds. ​ Just let us know what you need and we can make it happen!


tracks & Ranges

The paved road course has six track configurations.  The full course is a 3.27 mile racing circuit which features 17 turns and 130 feet of elevation changes.  This course can be divided into two separate and autonomous circuits: the Full Course and the 1.1 mile Patriot Course, or the North Course of 2.25 miles and the 1.65 mile South Course.  Our Grand East and Grand West Circuits are two of the three longest road courses in North America, at 4.1 and 4.2 miles respectively. 


Each circuit is capable of supporting high performance driving in excess of 80 mph, including street line and technical driving lines.  Grass grows to the edge of the roadway; guardrails are positioned at varying distances from the roadway; trees, wooded parks and dense forests are present on either side of the roadway; and each circuit has decreasing, increasing and constant radius turns, blind crests and hills that rise and drop from 80 to 130 feet, with multiple locations for executing technical maneuvers and pendulum turns. 


The circuit is designed with extended run off areas free from obstacles, these circuits are used for major motor sports events approved by NASCAR, FIA and AMA.  No sand or gravel boundaries are required on this circuit as it is designed to be run in a specific course direction and engineered to create a safe reduction in speed in the case of an off road mistake in corners and turns. 

Skid Pad ​

The 400' x 400' skid pad is coated and may be inundated through an in-ground sprinkler system for skid control training.  Skid training is an integral part of all vehicle dynamics training. 

Karting track

VIR offers karting throughout the year.  Perfect for group bonding, team competition or down time.


Our unimproved road driving course is a 3.8 mile dirt and gravel course that provides radiuses, hills, blind crests and natural visual obstacles that duplicate any dirt road found anywhere in the world. The coursewill support all non-standard FWD, AWD and RWD sedan driving at moderate speeds of between 30 - 40 miles per hour and capable of max speeds of 60 - 70 miles per hour on straight portions of the track. The course is a perfect place for teaching elevated speed driving on unimproved road surfaces. This course features constant, increasing and decreasing radius turns, elevation changes, high speed straight-aways and S-turns. The track is capable of exercising the vehicle survivability of non-standard vehicles and allows for testing of the core driving techniques and competencies that are taught on the paved track. The unimproved road driving course is capable of supporting training in inclement weather conditions, with zero downtime for maintenance.


The off-road driving track is 1.25 miles long and features twenty-two (22) obstacles. The track provides vehicle hill climbs, descents, tipping points, straddle trenches, tank traps, a stair climb, a suspended log bridge and a rock pit. The course allows for continuous driving conditions from water traps, sand and mud traps, wooded areas, off-camber navigation and a failed hill climb that is more than 50’ with a driving angle of 35 degrees. The track will test and improve the student’s proficiency while performing off-road driving and recovery. This circuit supports training for proper brake/throttle modulation techniques, field expedient repair procedures. The off-road module of training emphasizes the importance of self-recovery techniques, and multiple vehicle recovery methods.

Off-road trails

Our off-road trails cover 8.6 miles of terrain adjacent to and along the Dan River at the northern and western sides of the tactical training area. The trails feature steep hill climbs and descents, ditch crossings, water crossings, a suspended bridge crossing, and tree negotiation obstacles.

ATVs, utvs, ultvs & motorcyclets

We provide industry-leading training for use of civilian and military ATVs, UTV, ULTVs and Motorcycles (MC).  We utilize the same trails as described in the Off-Road and 4x4 description above, however with the size, maneuverability and versatility of these smaller mobility platforms, there are additional areas for training.  There are over 32-miles of defined trail options in theoff-road training area with the ability to improvise route selection based upon natural and man-made obstacles.  RFH Tactical's instructors are ATV-SI & ROHVA certified and act as advisory to multiple MATV/ULTV manufacturers' tactical development teams.

Weapons Storage

R.F.H Tactical Mobility has on-site, DOD/BATF-approved, secure facilities and Class V Receiving Authority for the safe storage of ammunition and weapons.

Shooting Ranges

R.F.H Tactical Mobility, in cooperation with Virginia International Raceway, has zero day/night/weekend noise-related restrictions for un-suppressed live-fire, explosive detonation of charges in relation to any/all phases of tactical instruction.  RFH Tactical's training facility provides seven (7) ranges of varying distances from 50yd - 1,400yd, providing ample space to support classes of various sizes.  Ranges include covered and uncovered shooting positions, 6-story multi-level shoot tower, KD & UKD ranges.

In addition to the outdoor ranges, RFH Tactical also has two (2) Simmunitions buildings that are fully functional with lighting, audio and video monitoring.  The buildings are capable of being flash-banged and smoked, and are equipped with ventilation fans.

In addition to the Simmunitions housings, our facility has a multi-room, live-fire shoot house with surveillance catwalk.