Mask Usage Instructions:

The RFH Tactical TSM is a ruggedized, reusable supplement to other classes of filtering face-piece respirators, elastomeric half-mask and full face-piece devices having unique antimicrobial copper screen ports proven to destroy many pathogens.

Continued use requires following the critical steps below:

Clean the TSM Mask with soap and water or an alcohol based cleaner that meets current CDC standards and published by the EPA as a microbial sanitizer.

Allow all masks to dry out after cleaning between uses.  Hang used TSM in a designated storage area and keep them in a clean, breathable container between uses.  To minimize potential cross-contamination, store TSM so that they do not touch each other and the person using the respirator is clearly identified.  Storage containers should be disposed of or cleaned regularly.

Clean hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after touching or adjusting the TSM (if necessary for comfort or to maintain fit).

Avoid touching the inside of a TSM.  If inadvertent contact is made with the inside of the mask, remove the mask and perform hand hygiene as described above.  Then clean the TSM.  Use a pair of clean (non-sterile) gloves when donning a used TSM respirator and performing a user check.  Discard gloves after the TSM is donned and adjustments are made to ensure the respirator is sitting comfortably on your face with a good seal.  REMEMBER: If you put it back on, then you're just putting that directly on your mucous membranes.  You could self-contaminate.

To prevent self-contamination, put on and take off your mask very carefully.  You need to wash your hands before you put a TSM mask on, before you take it off and after you take it off.

After using a TSM mask, the front of the mask may be contaminated, and because of that you need to "grasp bottom lower elastic strap of the mask/respirator and remove by pulling over top of head without touching the front.

Warning to user:  Follow all instructions and warnings on the use of this mask and wear during all times of exposure.  Failure to do so will reduce effectiveness, wear protection and may result in sickness or death.  Before use, the user must be familiar with the proper use in accordance with safety and health standards for contaminant and exposure level in the affected area.

Warning to user:  The TSM is a supplemental protective respirator.  All CDC recommended cleaning practices and safety procedures for avoidance of pathogens must be strictly obeyed.  There is no implied guarantee that this system will protect the wearer from contracting any pathogens.

Warning to user:  This device does not supply oxygen and must not be used in an atmosphere containing reduced oxygen levels.  Do not alter, modify or abuse this device.  Follow all CDC recommended procedures for mask cleaning and maintenance.