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Missionaries Personal Protection Program (MPPP)

By RFH Tactical Mobility & ShieldCore Global


The Missionaries Personal Protection Program (MPPP) was created to provide religious missionaries, or other groups as designated, training if they are being sent to high-risk locations. RFH Tactical Mobility, along with ShieldCore Global, has provided this type of training for groups, including families, for several years. MPPP is overseen by our training instructors who have backgrounds ranging from law enforcement to the most elite U.S. military units (e.g. Delta Force).

MPPP is an investment in operational continuity & success to anyone in a rural environment, high-risk environment, or simply wants to improve on their skillset. This 7-day course is designed for adults and their children. Adults will have a full intensive program that includes 3 full days of situational driving training, including off-road driving. Children 13 and under will have their own age appropriate program that parallels topics that the parents are learning. At certain points, parents & children will be performing training exercises together. Teenagers 14 and up will be participating in most of the same class modules as the adults, including some of the driving components. 

The objective of MPPP is to deliver realistic training based on events and experiences that will enhance the capability of the students to remain alert and productive while conducting their duties around the world. The training will be high intensity with repeated themes on all aspects of the course material to meet the objective. 

MPPP Topics:

  • Survival & Recovery

  • Emergency Medical

  • Evasive Driving 1

  • Evasive Driving 2

  • Off-Road/Unimproved Surface Course

  • Weapons Familiarization

  • Situational Awareness

  • Operational Planning

  • Surveillance 

  • Vulnerability, Risk, and Threat Assessment

  • Physical Security Assessment

  • Online Security

  • Defensive Strategies & Tactics

Pricing: 30 students max per class

To break it down, pricing comes out to an estimated $380.00 per person per day for 7 days, with lodging being the single largest expense. 

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