“Good base knowledge covered in short amount of time.  Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional.  Helps having Vets work with Vets.  I feel more comfortable in my abilities as a result.”

- R. Hickey, 1/75th Ranger

“Other than being able to spend more time here at RFH Tactical, I wouldn’t change anything! Very valuable information/skills learned here.” 

- B. Coca III, USN SEAL Team 



“Classes are a lot of great information to take in. The practical application of driving makes the instruction very clear. Nothing like hands on and training with the best the industry has to offer!” 

- L. Cole, JSOC 



“The training was well needed, especially for those drivers who've never been or felt how it feels to be very close to another vehicle while driving. Doing the drills made it muscle memory for us after a while of doing it, so if we ever get in that situation we will be good.” 

- A. Simmons, MARFORCOM 



“Nothing really to say here gents. Super solid course, tons of practical application/hands-on, etc. If it were possible, more of everything in a day would be cool, but again, I understand limitations with class size, etc. (By more I meant more ramming, more spinning, just to really refine). But thats nit-picky. Love what we're doing.” 

- K.W. Stasiulewicz, MARFORCOM 



“Course was awesome!  Very engaging & humbling w/my driving skills.  Excellent lodging & food was terrific.  I will talk highly of this course to my peers.”

- M. Verdin, NSW



“I have been to both T1G and ITI driving schools and I would have to say this course tops them both.  I had a great time all week and would say I learned more here than both of those schools.”

- Dylan M., NSW


“Motorcade/PSD arrival and departures were taught/talk through very well.  We got good reps talking through scenarios.  Good info that can carry over in certain situations. The ballistic demo was very good.  Very informative and essential life-saving knowledge.”

- Sammy W., NSW


“The practical applications of the course goes beyond the classroom and extends to real world scenarios.  I don't give 5's lightly but all the classes and instructors are not candy coated and make the students think through the problems.  I personally thank everyone involved in making this class happen and the effort involved.  This course WILL SAVE LIVES one day.  Thank you!”

- David N., NSW


“Back at 'The Creek' I shoot at least once a week and have been for almost 2 years.  I can honestly admit I learned more today, this one day, than most other courses cover in their entirety.  I know for a fact my guys can walk away knowing they learned some valuable tools.  Thanks!"

- John R., SBT-20


“Hands on repair was the best way to learn.  Off-road course was challenging yet built confidence as we utilized all recovery techniques.  Unimproved course – drivers pushed the limits and made some mistakes, better to mess up here in training environment.  Hopefully the guys will remember these lessons while on deployment. 

Firearms instruction was outstanding, made learning/improving fun. This was the first time in my 18 years I've seen a vast improvement in this short amount of time on the range. 

Huge confidence booster for the guys!  We all have a better understanding of how to get the most out of our vehicles as we 'get off the X'.
This was a great course, I will bring more teams here in the future.”

- Ken H., SBT-20


“All material covered in shooting was very helpful and relevant.  Instructors were awesome when explaining procedures, recommended how to do things but didn't shove/force new habits.  Made the training atmosphere relaxed and fun. 

Night runs with NVG's was huge, getting put on to a new course gave us the chance to use what we learned and see it work.  Instructor staff continues to create a relaxed training environment.”

- Michael B., USN SBU


“The course was very good in every aspect.  I have never done anything like this and it was good to see regular SUV's go through water, inclines, hills, mud and other obstacles.  These are very good skills to learn and use in the future for work and personal time. 

It was good to get out of my comfort zone and push my limits.  I liked how the course wasn't just about speed but tactical driving and convoys.”

- Chris W., SBT-20


Most Marines who go through this sort of training have many complaints about the training, staff or facilities.  I have none.  This was incredible and very valuable training run by consummate professionals who still behaved like people, not corporate goons. Thanks so much for the instruction and the good time!

- “Nasti”, MARSOC


“Being able to flex to the skid pad helped a lot.  Unfortunately the rain held back things but adjusting like we did helped everything overall.  You all did a hell of a job teaching the shit.  I really appreciate the overall feel/attitude of the instructors.  It was a pleasure learning from you all.  Thanks again!!”

- Mike P., USN SEAL Team


“Improved on my pistol in 2 days more than I did spending a week at Shaws!”

- Nick J., USN SEAL Team


“The driving instruction was solid.  It was great getting to actually do the close proximity driving, box drill and slalom drills.  I would definitely recommend continuing the drills on NODs, getting time on NODs especially close prox is great!”

- Pat K., USN SEAL Team

It was everything I anticipated, and more. Instructors adapted course focus and presentation to class composition and needs.

The course is a comprehensive introduction that encourages me to seek more in-depth training on certain subject areas preferably through RFH Tactical Mobility
                                                                                                                                                                               - Cruz Associates INC. Employee (N/A)


I honestly have been through a lot of military & civilian training courses. This course & instructors far exceeded any other course I have taken.
                                                                                                                                                                               - Air Force: Wishes to remain nameless

Great course and very well trained. Hopeful to come back to the facility soon to complete more training. Best training I have completed in my career. I will recommend this facility to other units and branches if the military.
                                                                                                                                                                               - Air Force: Wishes to remain nameless