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About Us

Headquartered at Virginia International Raceway (VIR),
RFH Tactical Mobility Inc. is a government, law enforcement, corporate event, & team building training facility. We specialize in tactical driving and shooting, as well as, providing situational awareness training.

Interested in tactical training? Check out our currently offered weapons & driving courses here and get a quote.

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"Be Prepared. Your Life Depends On It."

Training Testimonies

“I have been to both T1G and ITI driving schools and I would have to say this course tops them both.  I had a great time all week and would say I learned more here than both of those schools.”

- Dylan M., NSW

“Classes are a lot of great information to take in. The practical application of driving makes the instruction very clear. Nothing like hands on and training with the best the industry has to offer!” 

- L. Cole, JSOC

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