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Young Man's Camp Overview & Activities


This camp is to help young men learn the fundamentals necessary to become self-sustained adults and capable contributors in their family unit. We welcome boys from the ages of 13 – 18, for this 1 to 2-week camp. Every day will maintain a similar daily schedule, however the activities and learning topics will be different.

We provide a positive environment for boys from differing backgrounds to come together and learn fundamental skills we believe every man should know. Skills from the basics of driving and automotive maintenance, outdoor survival, emergency first aid, plumbing and electrical as well as finances, etiquette and manners. This is a 2-week camp, with the second week being optional. All campers must complete the first week of camp in order to be eligible to participate in week two. Our approach: Open to boys 13 – 18 years of age, campers will get hands-on with everything we do.

The range of subjects and activities that have been selected for this camp are what we feel are very important things that a young man should know. Sadly, with today’s hectic schedules and integration of technology, most young men do not have exposure to learn these fundamental life skills. Campers will be guided and coached by men with backgrounds from plumbing and electrical all the way to retired US Special Forces veterans.
Our team will provide mentorship and guidance throughout the entire two weeks of camp. In everything we do, we lead with the “why” and then the “what.” Why we need to know how to change a flat tire. Why we need to know how to safely use a firearm. Why we need to know how to balance our bank accounts.

What to expect (camper): This camp is designed for you to get hands-on and learn a wide range of exciting and essential things. Each day will have a different focus, all of which will help you become an extremely well-rounded young man and contributor to your family and your community.You’ll drive cars, trucks and four-wheelers. You’ll learn to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of skilled trades that may lead to a new-found passion and very lucrative career.

You will learn how to shoot from US Special Forces Snipers, you’ll learn to drive from International Special Operations driving instructors, you’ll learn skilled trades like plumbing, electrical, how to use power tools and heavy machinery from men who have built their companies from scratch and who are now multi-millionaire business owners. What to expect (parent): Your son may very well have the most growth and development towards manhood that he will ever have in his entire life, in just two weeks with us. You can expect him to know how to cook, change a tire, do basic plumbing and electrical repairs around the house, to know how to drive your family car (safely), as well as have an entire day of lessons that focus on manners, etiquette, how to be fiscally responsible and how to understand the basics of investing in his future.

Your son will learn how to become more of a man than he can learn from any YouTube or SnapChat video. Daily schedule: Daily schedules will follow the same general timelines, however, will vary slightly due to necessities associated with the curriculum. Every day will begin with physical training (PT), followed by breakfast and then campers will prepare for the day’s events. Each day will have its own primary subject or activity, which will be split into morning and afternoon sessions. The evenings will include a hands-on approach to planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning up from a well-rounded, nutritious meal. After dinner, we will have nightly campfire sessions, where campers have an open forum to discuss anything that’s on their minds, anything that they need clarification from the curriculum, or life in general. We will also have history lessons and more.

Partnerships: Together, we can create bigger change and greater influence than alone. If your company finds value in helping mold today's youth into becoming tomorrow's leaders and positive contributors to society, then please join us as partners in this venture. Benevolence: Please contact us if our mission resonates with you and you would like to become a legacy partner.

Camp Activities

Week 1:
Day 1 – Vehicle Dynamics, Manual Transmissions

Day 2 – Off-Road
Day 3 – Vehicle Maintenance
Day 4 – ATV's & Dirt Bikes
Day 5 – Outdoor Survival
Day 6 – Finance, Dinners, Dress, Manners, Investments, Business
Day 7 – Range

Week 2:
Day 1 – Power-tools (Chainsaws, Mowers, Shop Tools, Welders)
Day 2 – Electrical
Day 3 – Plumbing
Day 4 – Medical
Day 5 – Welding
Day 6 – Carpentry
Day 7 – Heavy Equipment / Construction

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